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Ash Dykes - Breaking Mongolia


In summer 2014, Ash Dykes walked across Mongolia, solo, and set a new world record in the process, covering more than 1500-miles on foot in the process. During this epic test of endurance and stamina, Ash battled sandstorms, heat exhaustion and dehydration and became known to the natives as ‘the lonely snow leopard’, an acknowledgement of the respectful distance kept by the (ordinarily) dangerous wild wolves. In Breaking Mongolia: The Lonely Snow Leopard Ash talks of the challenges he faced, and the determination he summoned, to achieve this feat, using complimentary audio-visual

Wed, 04/03/2015 - Wed, 29/04/2015


Visiting Malvern, Epsom, Radlett, Sheffield, Lancaster, Caernarfon, Inverness, Brecon, Buxton & Andover

Niall McCann
As a TV Presenter, Explorer, Adventurer and Biologist, Niall McCann has travelled the planet; two biking trips in the Himalayas, canoeing the Yukon River, big wall climbing in the USA and Europe, man-hauling across Greenland, rowing the Atlantic, mountaineering in the Alps, ski-mountaineering and ice climbing and speed flying in the Caledonian Alps, Greenland. 

In his work as a conservationist, he has worked on many endangered species in some of the most remote parts of the globe, he has lobbied governments to protect National Parks on three continents and faced dozens of brushes with death at the jaws and claws of the world's most charismatic dangerous animals.

In Adventure: Red in Tooth & Claw, Niall recounts his adventures in a compelling audio/visual supported talk which will enthuse adventurers of all levels.
Fri, 08/05/2015 - Sun, 31/05/2015


Visiting Brecon, Derby, Sheffield, Leeds, Christchurch, Tunbridge Wells, Radlett, Birmingham, Durham, Inverness, Dundee, Aberdeen

Sir Ranulph Fiennes - courtesy of John Cleare

In A Life at the Limits, long-time friend and expedition partner Anton Bowring leads Sir Ranulph Fiennes on a personal journey as they discuss his life; from light-hearted to strikingly poignant, A Life at the Limits covers Sir Ranulph’s childhood, misdemeanours at school, army life and early expeditions, right through to the Transglobe Expedition and the recent Coldest Journey, which includes the record breaking and immensely challenging projects - which saw Sir Ranulph receive the Guinness Book of Records accolade as ‘Greatest Living Adventurer’ - while suffering frostbite and risking life and limb in some of the most ambitious private expeditions ever undertaken

Mon, 29/06/2015 - Tue, 21/07/2015


Visiting Birmingham, Worthing, Llandudno, St. Albans, Eastbourne, Aberdeen, Inverness, Sheffield, Cheltenham, Reading, Leamington Spa