Ian Parnell on Everest

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Andy Kirkpatrick on the hardest climb in the Alps

A unique story teller and comedian - described as the “Ranulph Fiennes of British Climbing" by BBC Radio 4's Today programme - Andy climbs in some of the most inhospitable places on earth, from Greenland to Alaska, Patagonia to Antarctica.  In this new tour, he takes up where his last finished, arriving in Antarctica dreaming of climbing the 'hardest mountain in the world’, before further cold adventures in Alaska, Norway and Patagonia.  As with all of Andy’s shows, Cold Mountain is a mash up of thoughts and experiences, good times and bad, laughter and maybe tears, but certainly out of this world.

Wed, 23/09/2015 - Fri, 26/02/2016

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Visiting Cheltenham, Milton Keynes, Andover, Durham, Leeds, Wrexham, Stornoway, Glasgow, Inverness, Aberdeen, Dunkeld, Lancaster, Caernarfon, Salford, Exeter, St. Ives, Sheffield, Brecon, Derby, Telford, Radlett & Jersey

Ben Fogle - pic courtesy of Martin Hartley

Ben Fogle has rowed the Atlantic Ocean, crossed Antarctica on foot, run across the Sahara and crossed the Empty Quarter on camel. He has presented numerous hit programmes on the BBC, ITV and Channel 5, written six Sunday Times bestseller books and is an ambassador for WWF, Medecins Sans Frontier, Tusk, Centrepoint and the Princes Trust, a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and patron of The Royal Parks Foundation.

In Call of the Wild - Ben's first major solo tour - he recounts how, as a self-confessed urbanite, he became drawn to, and so enamoured with, adventure, travel and the harsh challenges associated with a life in the wilderness, from his first adventures travelling across South America, to some of the toughest trials known to man. Call of the Wild will be an audio/visual supported show*

*except Penzance, which is an outdoor lecture

Mon, 28/09/2015 - Fri, 23/10/2015

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Visiting Inverness, Aberdeen, Dundee, Stirling, Carlisle, Tunbridge Wells, Penzance, Reading, Worthing, Birmingham, Sheffield, Buxton, Halifax, Leeds, King's Lynn, Cheltenham, Malvern, Warrington, Llandudno