Alastair is a dynamic adventurer who spent four years cycling around the world.  His 46,000 mile journey took him along the length of the Earth’s three great landmasses: Africa, the Americas and Eurasia. 

An inspirational and challenging speaker providing an extraordinary insight into self-motivation and the will to succeed. 

“The rewards of risk, the power of communication and trust, the magnificence of our world, and a call to arms that nothing is achieved without being bold enough to begin it.”  - Alastair Humphreys

Alastair’s continuing quest for adventure is utterly compelling. He has given motivational presentations to clients all over the world, motivating delegates with his infectious enthusiasm for life. A teaching graduate, he also regularly visits schools encouraging children to learn about challenge, risk, geography, citizenship, history, cultural awareness, moral and social issues and much more without feeling as though they are ‘learning’.

Able to motivate his audience just through his infectious enthusiasm for life... left feeling inspired by his incredible achievements.
— Zurich
One of the best conferences we have ever had... one of the highlights... inspirational, told in a delightfully unassuming way.
— Mars
We took a ‘gamble’ in suspending timetables to bring a truly amazing achievement to the attention of our learners - this was repaid massively. All gained masses of knowledge and an understanding about what can be achieved; if you dare to live your dreams.
— Rivington and Blackrod High School
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