Andy Kirkpatrick is a top British mountaineer, big-wall climber and winter expedition specialist, Andy has solo'd the most difficult routes in the world. A leading expert on climbing gear, Andy is also a published writer and film-maker with a tremendous ability to captivate any audience with his unique brand of motivational story-telling.

Andy has scaled Yosemite's El Capitan - one of the hardest walls in America - over 24 times, including three solo ascents, and a one-day ascent (18h), as well as climbing it with a paraplegic climber, his teenage daughter and a blind friend. One of these ascents was a 12 day solo of the Reticent Wall, viewed at the time as perhaps the hardest climb of its type in the world, and the subject of his award-winning book Psychovertical.

Gut-wrenching, entertaining and challenging
— The Guardian
Makes Ray Mears look like Paris Hilton
— Metro
One of Britain’s quirkiest, hardest and most entertaining climbers.
— The Telegraph
Andy was fantastic - a knowledgeable, engaging and entertaining speaker who captivated the audience from start to finish. The feedback I have had from attendees has been universally positive.
— Rightmove Plc
Andy was the most inspirational speaker I have ever listened to. His presentation was a perfect way to finish the event - on a high. There were so many ways we could link this to our job.
— British Army Basic Skills Conference
Our aim was to find an ‘inspirational’ speaker who could provide our pupils with ‘food for thought’ and demonstrate the determination and a will to succeed is important in life... [Andy] fitted the bill brilliantly!... Thank you so much for the positive impact [Andy] had on these young people. I am certain [Andy’s] message has got through to them and will remain with them as they progress through life.
— Lady Manners School, Derbyshire