ASH DYKES - Explorer

Ash Dykes has achieved two world firsts… walking more than 1500 miles, solo across Mongolia from the Altai Mountains to the Mongolian Steppe, and walking over 1600 miles up Madagascar; climbing the eight highest mountains en-route. 

Now in his mid-twenties, Ash has, since the age of 19, set off to various parts of the world in search of adventure and challenges; he has cycled across countries, trekked the Himalayas and learned how to survive in the jungle with a Burmese hill tribe, among many other exciting expeditions. Previously, Ash spent two years as a scuba diving instructor in Thailand but now has his sights firmly fixed on achieving many more ‘firsts’.

Full of enthusiasm and drive, Ash can deliver talks for all manner of events – Ash should come with a health warning because his passion and motivation are infectious.

I applaud every endeavour to achieve an adventuring ‘first’, a feat which is becoming harder all the time. This young man’s completion of a ‘first’ solo trek across Mongolia, from Altai to the Steppe, will have proved both physically and mentally challenging and is an example of great determination.
— Sir Ranulph Fiennes