CATHY O'DOWD - Mountaineer

South African mountaineer Cathy O’Dowd is the first woman in the world to climb Mount Everest from both sides. Her many high Himalayan expeditions provided extensive experience with individuals and teams facing stress, risk and overwhelming challenge. She shares these insights with her corporate audiences through story-driven expedition case-studies. She is an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker who has spoken in over 40 countries. Cathy remains an active adventurer and in spring of 2019 will be doing a ski ascent of Mt Steele, a 5000 meter peak in the Canadian Yukon.

Cathy has been a professional speaker for over 20 years and has presented her message to companies in 44 countries on six continents. She is a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association of UK/Ireland, who have given her their highest award, the Professional SpeakingAward of Excellence.

Cathy shares the ways in which people create their own disasters and shows how to overcome them, refocusing teams to climb to summit success. Her stories of failure are told with humour and refreshing honesty.  Her stories of success are dramatic and memorable, and the tools she highlights are as important in normal life as they are on the mountain. 


Cathy’s professionalism was first class, not only at the event but also in the build up to the event. The presentation Cathy gave was greatly appreciated .... I would strongly recommend her as a professional speaker
— European Retail Forum
The participants loved your presentation, the story and the structure of it it! So thank you very much again for having contributed to the success of the conference!
— Arendt
A huge thank you for injecting some much needed excitement and laughs at ProcureCon Europe. A fantastic presentation that more than fitted what I wanted and the feedback has been very positive.
— ProcureCon EU
Even smart phone addicted people put their smart phones aside, a fact that seems to become THE criteria for a good lecture
— GE WindEnergy