DAVE BUNTING MBE - Mountaineer

Dave Bunting MBE is an Everest expedition leader and ex-British Forces mountaineering specialist, who spent many years as the Chief Training Instructor of the Joint Service’s mountain training centres around the world. In 2006 he led a team of climbers from the British Army on a ground-breaking attempt to become the first British team to climb the formidable West Ridge of Mount Everest.

With 14 expeditions to the Himalayas, his extensive experience of team leadership, expedition planning and personal development programmes, Dave is an inspirational speaker who focuses on the theme of expedition leadership, effective teamwork and the pressures of decision making in high risk and remote situations.

By far and away the best part of the entire three days. It was highly relevant... and was expertly delivered
— Capgemini
A superb hour-long presentation... a great success as the Conference Centre was packed, and we had to relay Dave’s talk to an overspill lecture theatre.
— Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland