DR NIALL McCANN - National Geographic Explorer

Dr Niall McCann needs little introduction; TV Presenter, Explorer, Adventurer, Biologist

Niall has travelled the planet, turning his hand to a variety of expeditions and methods of undertaking them; two biking trips in the Himalayas, canoeing the Yukon River, big wall climbing in the USA and Europe, man-hauling across Greenland, rowing the Atlantic, mountaineering in the Alps, ski-mountaineering and ice climbing and speed flying in the Caledonian Alps, Greenland. 

In addition, Niall spent around two years on biological expeditions in some of the most remote parts of the globe, and in his work as a conservationist he has worked on many endangered species around the world, lobbied governments to protect National Parks on three continents and had dozens of brushes with death at the jaws and claws of the world's most charismatic dangerous animals.

Real-life Indiana Jones
— Daily Mail
Excellent lecture... great talk... best this season...
— Wilderness Lectures
Interesting, amusing, entertaining, and of course, informative...
— Scientific Exploration Society
Excellent lecture... top marks for fascinating content, delivery, illustration and just the right amount of science.
— Royal Geographical Society
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