LEO HOULDING - Mountaineer

Leo Houlding is one of Britain's top climbers and among the best in the world. He is a veteran of a score of epic ascents, including Everest, but specialises in free climbing the most technical peaks and biggest walls in the world. 

British champion by the age of just 16 years, Leo has since climbed some of the hardest routes in the world. He has undertaken expeditions to the depths of the Amazon jungle and to the icy wilderness of Antarctica, most recently in his two-month expedition to summit the world’s most remote mountain, Antarctica’s Spectre.

An experienced base jumper, Leo was at the forefront of Para-Alpinism (climbing up then flying down). Leo pushes the limits of exploratory adventure by taking the ultimate in extreme sports to the most extreme environments.

Leo previously teamed up with natural historian and adventurer Monty Halls to film the TV series 'Lost Worlds' for the Discovery Channel. Together they explored exotic and dangerous locations and truly got to grips with the ecology and wildlife that surrounds them.

An articulate communicator, Leo gives adrenaline-fuelled presentations focusing on risk, motivation, achievement and team leadership, and uses audio-visuals that blow audiences away.

The only two words that come to mind are ‘bloody hell!’ what sheer guts and determination.
— Sir Richard Branson
I have hired hundreds of motivational speakers and Leo is one of the best... Highly recommended!
— Audi
An outstanding motivational speaker... an eclectic blend of death defying acts told with humility and humour.
— Greater Sport
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