TORI JAMES - Adventurer

Tori James is the youngest British female to climb Mount Everest and member of the the first ever all-female team to complete The Polar Challenge, a gruelling 360 mile race to the Magnetic North Pole. Tori is a multi-talented individual with a passion for extreme adventure and inspiring young minds.

Tori’s achievements require a lot more than the technical skills and the right clothing. Her challenges have tested her to the limit both physically and mentally and her experiences have relevance to all of us whether at work or at home. Not only will you gain an insight into life in extreme environments but Tori shares her passion for achieving things against the odds, she explains exactly how she turned her goals into reality, overcame numerous setbacks and used a variety of mental techniques to retain the positivity and self-belief that ultimately lead to her and her team’s successes.

Tori is an accomplished public speaker and her presentations focus on success. Her talks are all accompanied by spectacular photography and unique video footage. Every talk is tailored to suit the audience each requirement is discussed in detail beforehand.

Inspiring... utterly compelling... her passionate delivery taps into something in all of us.
— Breakthrough Breast Cancer
A high-point of the day... very interesting, motivating... and inspirational... very topical insight.
— CDC Lead
Tori James - Portrait.jpeg