OLLY HICKS - Endurance Athlete

Olly Hicks is a World Record holding ocean rower: the first and youngest person to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean from the US to the UK. Aged 23-years-old, Olly was one of only five people to row single-handed, west-to-east across the Atlantic.  Following 124 days alone at sea, encountering a great white shark, battling the elements; having been capsized twice by Atlantic storms, and escaping physical and mental illness, on 28 Sept 2005 Olly landed in the Scilly Isles where he was greeted by HRH Prince William and Sir Richard Branson.  It was a remarkable achievement for a young man who had never rowed before, but it hadn't quenched his thirst for adventure.

Olly's next mission was to row single-handed around the world - a trip of 18k miles that would take 20 months.  Unfortunately, it was to be Olly's first taste of failure and after 96-days, he was forced to abandon the voyage due to problems with his boat.

Olly is witty and understated, he gives a fascinating insight into what drives him to achieve his goals and the lessons he has learnt along the way – lessons about project management, team work and the importance of being good at maths.  How Olly deals with fear and loneliness, success and failure will resonate with audiences from all walks of life.

Beguiling and understated, you are left truly believing that you can do it too - that you can excel in your chosen field. This is a powerful and empowering message.
— Wedlake Bell LLP
Olly had the children enthralled as he presented fascinating tales of his various expeditions to date. A sure sign that the children were gripped by it all was the number of questions that followed - which would have gone on for the entire morning had they had the chance!
— Beaudesert Park School