Two years ago, our speaker Alastair Humphreys released his best-selling Microadventures book and spawned a hashtag in the process. One for inspiring people to find the adventure, without the need for large amounts of time, money, energy and skill, Alastair opened the wilderness to people who thought adventure might be beyond them,  providing inspiration to grab the rewards on offer from even the shortest, smallest and cheapest of adventures.

Following the success of Microadventures, Alastair’s new book, Grand Adventures, aims to help you dream big, plan quick, go explore and have the biggest adventure of your life.

Grand Adventures explores the hurdles that prevent us from having as many adventures as we would like. Using Alastair’s experience of 15-years of adventures, plus interviews with around 100 different adventurers, Grand Adventures offers encouragement, advice and a polite kick-up-the-rear-end, to overcome a lack of time or money and life’s commitments and relationships. It will help you choose which sort of adventure appeals to you. 

The second half of the book then dissects many of the different types of journey you might choose, whether that is by bicycle, foot, animal, water, motor, climbing, travelling, living in a treehouse, or something even grander such as blasting into space.

Consider this: if you saved up £20 a week for a year, you’d have £1000 which is more than enough money to cycle all the way to Japan… Dream Big, Plan Quick, Go Explore!

Grand Adventures is available NOW: